Trinidad & Tobago:
The Ombudsman

The current Ombudsman of Trinidad and Tobago is Ms. Lynette Anthea Stephenson, S.C who was sworn in on February 20, 2006.

About the Office

The Ombudsman’s Office was established solely for the purpose of giving assistance to persons who believe that they suffered injustices at the hands of public officers employed by Government agencies and departments. In short, the Ombudsman can best be described as a ‘grievance person’ to whom a citizen can make a complaint with a view to redressing the mistakes, delays, rigidity and carelessness of the government bureaucracy.
The role of the Ombudsman is both investigatory and advisory. In consequence of her investigations, she can make recommendations to Government departments and authorities aimed at the resolution of complaints and improvements in the delivery of public services. On failure to comply with her recommendations, she can report the matter to Parliament.

The Ombudsman is an Officer of Parliament and is only accountable to Parliament, to which she makes annual reports on the performance of her functions including statistics of the complaints received and the results of her investigations. She can also make special reports to Parliament on matters of public importance. The Office is a non-political, independent and impartial oversight institution.

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