Antigua & Barbuda:
The Ombudsman

About the Office of the Ombudsman

The Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda 1981 makes provision at Section 66 for the establishment, appointment and functions of an officer of the Parliament to be known as the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman Act, passed in 1994 gave effect to this order and paved the way for the appointment, by resolutions of both Houses of Parliament, of the first Ombudsman – Dr. Hayden Thomas in 1995.

The Ombudsman’s chief mandate is to investigate any complaint relating to any decision recommendation made or any act done or omitted by any officer of the Government or Statutory Body in the case where a member of the public claims to be aggrieved or appears to the Ombudsman to have sustained injustice as a result of the exercise of the administrative function of that officer or body.


To champion the rights of the people to ensure that justice always prevails

Mission Statement

The Office of the Ombudsman pledges with God’s guidance to faithfully serve the nation of Antigua and Barbuda by impartially and efficiently investigating complaints of members of the public against unjust administrative decisions of officers of Government or Statutory Bodies with a view to righting wrongs and so contribute to good governance and the further development of the democratic process in the country.

The current Ombudsman of Antigua and Barbuda is Mrs. J. M. Eusalyn Lewis, O.B.E. Mrs. Eusalyn Lewis has been a career Civil Servant for over forty (40) years. Beginning as an Educator, she has served as Principal of several Secondary Schools, as Senior Education Officer and Deputy Chief Education Officer between 1970 and 1994. Between 1994 and 2005, she has held positions of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Home Affairs, Chief Establishment Officer and Secretary to the Cabinet. She was appointed to be the Ombudsman of Antigua and Barbuda in November, 2006. She is a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal.

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